LBRY.To is a community made LBRY-Short-Link service that can be used to turn your super long LBRY URLs into smaller, convenient and shareable URLs

The main team behind LBRY.To consists of;

Kenneth S. Cremeans aka kcSeb - Back-end and Front-end Development - Keybase

But Why?

We created LBRY.To because all too often we have tried sharing content from LBRY either on Twitter or other social media and ended up hitting a character cap. Some LBRY URLs are just too long! (Example HERE (73 Characters)) We wanted a way for YOU to share LBRY content without taking up so many characters. Thus, LBRY.To was born. The first ever LBRY-Short-Link service! With LBRY.To you're able to cut down LBRY URLs by over 70%. Take our earlier example, it was 73 characters long... but with LBRY.To, it is shortened to a mere 14 characters! ( That's impressive!

LBRY.To is funded via the LBRY Foundation and is part of the LBRY.Community project listing. | We are not affiliated with LBRY Inc.